The empathy list is a free weekly newsletter is for all those looking to grow in empathy & curiosity, written by progressive Christian author, Liz Charlotte Grant.

Readers tell me they read the Empathy List for…

+A religious Left take on the headlines,

+An un-put-downable longform story,

+A chance to learn something new, and

+A sassy narrator, who reminds them (and herself) to take deep breaths sometimes.

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Who is Liz Charlotte Grant?

I’m a religious writer with a big heart & insatiable curiosity.

As an Anglican Christian, I see beauty & paradox as essential ways to meet with God. (And did I mention therapy? Because that’s another one of my favorite spiritual disciplines.)

I worked as a certified birth doula (CD(DONA)) for a couple of years, during which time I had the chance to witness 21 women become mothers to their squishy-faced newborns. The experience deepened my capacity for patience and empathy for my fellow humans, both like and unlike me, as well as encouraging my scientific curiosity.

I’m a fanatic for midcentury furniture, heirloom tomatoes, and BBC mystery TV. I live outside of Denver, Colorado, USA, with my two elementary-schoolers and my artist husband.

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